Save Money on Your Living Costs in Australia with These Handy Tips

Living expenses in Australia can be higher than elsewhere. Many people who consider relocating to the country have to weigh up their salary with the change in expenses. Many things can cost more than in other countries, including food and rent. However, the experience people will have when coming from outside will depend on where they are relocating from. Whether you’re coming to Australia as an expat or already live here, you can make savings. Some areas are more expensive than others, but wherever you live, you can cut your expenses.

Moving to a Cheaper Location

If you’re fed up with the high living costs where you live, you might consider moving elsewhere. Of course, it’s a drastic move because relocating involves a lot of work. You’ll need a new job and a new home. You might have a family and children that need to start new schools. But moving to a new city can be a great idea both to save money and for a change in lifestyle. Moving itself can be expensive, but your savings could far outweigh the cost of interstate removalists. Smaller cities such as Geelong and Hobart have lower living costs than places like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Saving on Food

Food can be expensive in Australia, due to a lot of it being imported. But it’s still possible to save money in lots of ways. Buying less and choosing your groceries wisely is the best way to make some great savings. A little planning and foresight can go a long way. If you plan your meals and cook in bulk, you can cut your costs significantly. Your shopping habits make a difference too, whether you’re in the store or online. For example, going shopping when you’re hungry can make you buy things you don’t need. Being tempted by branded items will raise the cost of your shop too.


If you want to save money on transport, you have to weigh up the benefits of using different types. It might be worth it to own a car, but it isn’t for everyone. You could be spending more on your car than you would if you used public transport. For some people, paying more to drive is acceptable. They would rather have the convenience of a car than save the money. If you live somewhere more rural, it’s likely your vehicle is essential. However, if you want to save, you should look at the cost of local trains and buses. Check out the cards you can use and how much you can save on your regular journeys.


Spending money on things to do, from seeing movies to eating out, can cost you a lot. You’ll find similar average prices in many cities across Australia. However, with the great weather for much of the year in many places, it’s not necessary to spend a lot. If you want to save, you can choose outdoor activities that are free or cheap.

Living in Australia can be expensive, especially during a recession. But you can still find ways to save if you need to.

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