Cleaning Leather in Your Car

If you want to maintain the leather in your car, it must be cleaned and conditioned frequently. It is actually worth to spend your time protecting and conditioning your fine leather upholstery than spending the energy and cash to salvage it. Keeping your leather in good condition is essential to ensure your comfort while driving.

Cleaning the leather in your car might be simple depends on the leather that you have but you have to use the right materials or you might permanently damage it which can cost you in the future. Most car leather is created from cow or lamb. Some leathers can be cleaned by hand with water, a soft cotton towel and a mild soap. But be careful as you might damage the colour of the leather.

Always keep in mind that leather has pores like human skin. When dirt & filth fills them they cant breath thus results in the leather begins to dry out.

Avoid using harsher cleaners when cleaning the leather in your car as harsher cleaners will seal the pores on leather which results in the leather prone to cracking and fraying. Upholstering a damaged leather car seat or accessory isn’t like stitching a try of pants or re-hemming a suit that simply does not fit right.

Many common conditioners such as Lexol Leather Conditioner are pH balanced, have stain repellents and waterproofing agents to safeguard your beautiful interior from accidents.

The frequency of cleaning leather in your car relies on the colour of the leather. For dark coloured leather, it is best to scrub it 2-three times once a year. Light coloured leather needs more cleaning so you have to scrub it each month relying on how a lot of dirt is visible.

A clean leather seat can add the value of your car!

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