Looking Into WhatsApp New Privacy Features

WhatsApp announced on Wednesday it would roll out new privacy features giving users greater control over what other people can see. Since the messaging app was introduced, it has been an ongoing effort to provide users with greater control over their messages and content, with a systematic implementation of new privacy features over the years.

The first feature will let users leave group chats without notifying the other members in a chat – only chats admins will be notified, and the feature is set to start rolling out this month, WhatsApp said. According to the announcement, WhatsApp users will be able to leave group chats silently, meaning that if users decide to leave the group chat, the entire group will not be alerted anymore.

The features, rolling out for everyone this month, will allow WhatsApp users to choose which contacts can see their online status, while hiding it from others. The ability to hide ones online status is a neat feature, especially if one does not want any specific users to know that one is on WhatsApp.

Thanks to new privacy settings, you will be able to control who gets to see you while using WhatsApp, and when you do not want everybody to see your online presence, you can select a option that is the same as Last Seen. After a preview of this feature in beta in April of last year, WhatsApp is rolling out enhanced privacy controls on the profile photo, About, status, and Last Seen settings.

WhatsApp is building new ways to enhance users privacy and security, in an effort to enhance their experiences when using the app. Over the last couple of years, WhatsApp has been increasing the WhatsApp safety features for users, ranging from protecting calls and messages through end-to-end encryption, to a two-step authentication process to ensure safety. This is one of the 3 new features that the popular messaging service is rolling out that aims to improve the privacy and security of its users.

Businesses who use WhatsApp for communicating with colleagues and clients, or as a marketing platform, will be happy to know that Meta has introduced new features on WhatsApp that will provide users more control, adding layers of security. The “My contacts except” option could come in handy if you are looking to keep business contacts from seeing your personal stories.

WhatsApp says that the new features are meant to continue improving privacy surrounding online conversations. It is all part of the way that WhatsApp works to make sure that conversations are safe and private on WhatsApp, and we are excited about offering additional layers of protection. We will continue to build new ways to secure your messages, so they remain private and secure like your in-person conversations.

This feature is finally going to begin rolling out to users later this month, so make sure you update your WhatsApp version.

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