Staying in Touch During COVID-19 Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, staying in touch with family and friends has never been more important. You never know when you’re going to see them again in person, and you don’t want to lose the close ties you’ve had over the years.

If you have a family member who is susceptible to COVID-19, whether they are older, suffer from comorbidity or live far away, it may not be feasible to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it may take months before you have the chance to see them. Everyone sometimes feels lonely, whether you have moved to a new city, changed friends, lost someone who was important in your life, lost your job, or lost an important social connection with a colleague.

In times of forbidden gatherings and decreed social detachment, it is becoming more and more difficult to stay in contact with relatives. Thus people all around the world are increasingly using technology to stay in touch with family and friends as being socially distant does not always result in the decrease of personal interaction.

Staying in touch with family and friends through phone, SMS, E-mail, FaceTime and being a good neighbor means checking them in and having friendly conversations. It is the perfect way to stay in touch and spend a relaxing evening with the people you care about at home. There is also a variety of technologies available including Skype, Zoom and FaceTime, as well as apps such as House Party, which allows people to connect, manifest and promote a touch of feeling via group video chats.

Technology helps us to keep in touch with close relatives when personal contact is not possible. Apps and web platforms are a great way to stay connected at home and these devices make it easier to connect with loved ones and feel more personal. You can take your time to go through a cycle of your favorite photos to make you feel closer to your loved one every day or walking with a friend along a wide path or in a nature reserve as a great way to enjoy nature and be sociable at the same time.

At a time when young people in our families are helping elderly relatives to use the Internet, there is a chance to remain connected to each other and to the rest of the world through the Internet. We want to reach out to people we know and make new connections with other people. Even if we don’t feel safe or comfortable with video technology such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp videos or phone calls, friendly and familiar faces can help both sides feel connected.

Although it is not the same to meet someone in person, hearing a friendly voice can go a long way in combating loneliness. You may also find it helpful to talk to family, friends or colleagues about how you are doing, so that you can ultimately support them. Sending handwritten letters is also a great way to keep in touch with the elderly.

In a random community sample of adults aged 18 to 70 years of age, researchers found that use of more communication modes such as face-to-face conversations, phone calls, video calls, text messages and emails was associated with greater well-being while older adults who cannot see their family or friends often use technologies such as video and voice chats to stay in touch. Thus if you have elderly relatives, understand the basics so they can appreciate the benefits of video calls.

When considering how to stay in touch during a pandemic better is it worth remembering that most people need to talk to someone who isn’t comfortable with the latest apps. When it comes to staying in touch with old friends and relatives, phone calls are the best way to keep in touch. Letters are also a great way to stay in touch with children and help them develop reading and writing skills. For example, if you prefer video chats to phone calls or text once a day instead of once, set a time for a video call. You can chat with your close friends via video every night or make phone calls to family members once a week.

By staying social in this time of uncertainty, we can keep control of our lives. While many of us feel like we can spend a whole day videoconferencing with someone at school or work, technology offers some amazing ways to stay in touch.

If you need inspiration, you might try to find new ways to spend time with your loved ones while at home to have a place to look after them. We know this can be a tough time for huggers and handlers, but you can still touch your loved ones in extraordinary ways.

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