The Idea of Digital Logistics

The idea of standard logistics covers all activities regarding the procurement, transport, transhipment and storage of goods. Logistics as usually understood is concerned considerably with materials stream (raw materials, interim and final merchandise), however also involves offering corporations with suppliers and data.

Currently the event of digital knowledge and communication technologies impacts all spheres of life. Naturally, it influences significantly money life, together with logistics. As a result of of this, nowadays it’s attainable to talk concerning electronic logistics as very perspective subject for extra development.

On researching the matter of electronic logistics, it is primarily necessary to dwell upon the strategies that are traditionally used inside the related researches. Mainly, it’s doable to create use of phone inquiry, face-to-face interviews with companies implementing electronic logistics in their business. Additionally it is doable to interview administration consultants and IT suppliers.


Clearly, today electronic information and communication technologies are widely used at intervals the topic of logistics. As a rule, it is widely used in shopping for and promoting transactions, plus materials observe transactions. It is necessary to level out that logistics services providers use electronic logistics wider than companies operating in the sector of producing and trade.

Among the present a state of affairs, the advantages of digital logistics are evident as a result of it creates new working models that provides an organization with an aggressive benefit as compared with the businesses using normal logistics. It additionally permits to develop economical administration of bigger entities and proper knowledge in regularly altering market scenario.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to emphasize that digital logistics is a relatively new area and it makes its first steps within the modern business. In such a situation, bound obstacles and challenges, the businesses implementing digital logistics face, are fairly natural. Amongst these obstacles and challenges could be singled out the subsequent: scarce financial sources for investments, lack of capabilities of community events, lack of needs, challenges in integrating inter-company information systems.

Nevertheless, digital logistics is nonetheless quite widespread thanks to the angle of business course of re-engineering talents, since it supplies the chance to make use of technologies to assist enterprise processes.

Thus, electronic logistics is a very perspective subject that needs additional analysis with a purpose to present better alternatives to its proper implementing and massive use.

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